In this time of suspended church activity and virtual worship, we are now approaching the most holy week of the Christian year. With so many new people at Saint Matthew’s, and others who may want memories refreshed, I thought it a good idea to do a brief summary of the week ahead. As we go forward, I will continue to provide any internet resources that come to my attention to enhance your experience of Holy Week. And, as usual, I will blog sermons throughout the week. On Palm Sunday, we normally gather to process and wave palm branches, in emulation of the story of Jesus’Read More →

Having reached the Age of Defiance — perhaps aged twelve years — one of our children informed me that he had decided not to continue attending church. I am sure he was expecting one of the boilerplate responses that parents used back then. Because I’m the adult and you’re the child! Or: because I provide for all your needs and expenses. Or: Because I said so. That wasn’t my parenting style. I told him that I wanted him to carefully consider why a person would choose to go to Mass, and left it at that. In a couple weeks, he returned to the fold, havingRead More →